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WAM Porocol - Set

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WAM®-Porocol® Evaporation Column - Odour barrier to repel game WAM®-Porocol® is a synthetic... more
Product information "WAM Porocol - Set"

WAM®-Porocol® Evaporation Column - Odour barrier to repel game

WAM®-Porocol® is a synthetic odorous substance which is filled into a weatherproof plastic column where it evaporates. The odorous substance is effective up to 4 to 6 months. Afterwards, the column can easily be refilled. Game is an integral part of the forest and the nature. These measures help keep it in its natural environment.

Protect the game from:

  • to prevent accidents with game
    Install evaporation columns along roads to prevent game accidents. Install one evaporation column approx. every 50 to 60 m keeping a distance of approx. 15 to 30 m to the road.
  • to save young game/fawns (from being killed by mowing)
    Ideally suitable to save fawns. Install evaporation columns on the respective site 1 to 2 days before mowing.
  • to deter game from entering danger zones (4 to 5 columns per hectare)
    Install evaporation columns approx. every 50 m enclosing the field. When the wind comes from the west, install columns approx. 50 metres west of the danger zone, at the eastern end install the columns right next to it. The wind carries the odour from the edge of the field to the danger zone and, on the other side in the east, from the danger zone to the edge of the field. Thereby, game is deterred from entering the danger zone.
  • By turning the evaporation head, you can control the release of the odorous substance.
  • Under cetain circumstances, e.g. when game population is too strong, repelling measures may not have the desired effects.
  • WAM®-Porocol® is also ideal for use in forestry and viticulture!
    (Please make sure to remove the WAM®-Porocol® evaporation columns before mechanical harvesting).
  • effective: 4 to 6 months
    If columns are exposed to direct sunlight, the odorous substance evaporates within approx. 3 months.
  • effectiveness in winter: Intensity remains the same. Since temperature are lower in winter, WAM®-Porocol® remains effective even longer during that period.

Scope of delivery - 1 set consists of:

  • 10 small bottles with odorous substance (ready-to-use)
  • 10 wicks
  • 10 evaporation columns

Note: Individual parts and odorous substance can be reordered from us at any time.

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