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Forest, Fauna and Viticulture - In Balance

We consider ourselves as a leading Austrian company with close to nature, mechanical, biological and (chemical) tree and vine protection. We provide our customers the latest technology for a great value, the best quality and all this for a reliable and sustained growth of your plants. Through permanent further development, we especially strive to ensure the health of plants through biological measures.  Customers are seen as equal partners whom we treat with honesty, friendliness and good humour.  Among one another we are respectful, honest, helpful and also when necessary openly critical. Each team member has an economic success role and is ready to work towards that success in an exceptional way. We do not feel bound by standards of the average..

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team-peter-witasek576bdef536021Ing. Peter Witasek
Owner & Management
With a finger in every pie

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Gerti WitasekGerti Witasek
The great support that,
can handle it all

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Martina WitasekMag. Martina Witasek
human resource management, controlling
The financial genius

Telefon: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 313
E-Mail: martina@witasek.com




Claudia HuberClaudia Huber
Management Assistant
Versatile, focused, unique

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 325
E-Mail: assistent@witasek.com



Lukas MaierDI Lukas Maier
sales management Prokurist
The sales expert

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 316
E-Mail: lmaier@witasek.com



Astrid TruppeAstrid Truppe
Sales, invoicing
everything passes through her hands,
from start to finish

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 323
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Viktoria ButtazoniViktoria Buttazoni
Sales, invoicing
The friendly support

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 326
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



DI (FH) Johann Sima, MBADI (FH) Johann Sima, MBA
On hand with help and advice

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230
E-Mail: sima@witasek.com



Andrea SüßenbacherAndrea Süßenbacher
Accounting, Sales
Our reliable accountant

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 327
E-Mail: buchhaltung@witasek.com



Sigrid SicherSigrid Sicher
The supporting force

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 322
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Melanie WalderMelanie Walder
Creative, friendly and helpful

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 328
E-Mail: marketing@witasek.com



Andrea KurmannAndrea Kurmann
Ensures that the goods are available

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 321
E-Mail: einkauf@witasek.com



Daniela Prodinger-WagnerMag. Daniela Prodinger-Wagner
Purchasing, Logistics
Directs our products

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 317
E-Mail: logisitk@witasek.com



Christian KanatschnigChristian Kanatschnig
Warehouse management, expert adviser
Our pillar of strength

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 218
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Michael BaderMichael Bader
Our man for everything

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Andreas LUKASAndreas LUKAS
Warehouse, Customer Service
The Allrounder

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Stefanie PreihslStefanie Preihsl
Marketing, EDV Support and IT
creative, precise, full of determination

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 324
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Marina RainerMarina Rainer
Team assistance
Supports our entire team

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230 - 320
E-Mail: office@witasek.com



Tanja KatzerTanja Katzer
Baby break

Phone: +43 (0)4276 3230
E-Mail: office@witasek.com