Mission statement




Forest, game and wine – retain value.


We think of ourselves as a leading company in near-natural, mechanical, biological and classic tree and vine protection.

Our aspiration is to provide our clients with technology for safe and sustainable growth with the greatest possible increase in value.

Through constant further development, we strive to preserve the health of plants with all available measures.

For us, our clients are equal partners to whom we come across as honest, friendly and funny. Their satisfaction is the foundation of our success. That’s why our partners’ requirements and expectations are so important to us.

We want to deal with each other in a respectful, honest, equal, helpful and even critical way.
Everyone in the team has a part in the success, and is prepared to make every effort to achieve it.

We do not feel bound to the standards of the average!

Witasek PflanzenSchutz GmbH - Leitbild