Product labelling

Our Products are marked with seals of approval and environment labels. Here you can find an explanation of them.

WITASEK | Premium Product

What does PREMIUM PRODUCT mean?

PREMIUM PRODUCT = Higher Quality: Products with the PREMIUM PRODUCT logo guarantee you the highest quality with the best results. Our PREMIUM PRODUCTS meet highest demands over several years.


WITASEK | Best-Price-Product

What does BEST PRICE PRODUCT mean?

BEST PRICE PRODUCT = Top quality: Products with the BEST PRICE PRODUCT logo guarantee high quality at a top price.


WITASEK | Service-ProductWhat does SERVICE PRODUCT mean?

Service-Products serve the optimal Application of our products and are therefore available at a special price!


WITASEK | BioWit, 100 % biodegradable

What does BioWit® mean?

100 % biodegradable/compostable: BioWit®-Products consist of certified raw material, which is biodegradable/compostable!


WITASEK | OK compost Vinçotte

What does OK compost mean?

Raw material meets the harmonised European standards, DIN EN 13432 durch TÜV Austria, for compostable materials.


Gütezeichen „biologisch gärtnern“The "organic gardening" quality mark

The "organic gardening" quality mark provides decision-making aid for anyone who wants to create a healthy, ecological oasis in the garden. Only products that are also permitted in organic farming are awarded the "organic gardening" quality mark. The database currently contains 275 products (as of March 2018), for example organic fertilizers, peat-free soils and environmentally friendly pesticides. InfoXgen, DIE UMWELTBERATUNG and the company biohelp Garten & Bienen are behind the quality label "organic gardening".