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WAM EXTRA pink - Browsing protection bucket of 5 kg

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  • W220801
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Highly effective and economic browsing repellent that protects from winter browsing by roe... more
Product information "WAM EXTRA pink - Browsing protection"

Highly effective and economic browsing repellent that protects from winter browsing by roe deer, red deer and chamois on coniferous and deciduous woods in forestry

WAM® Extra rosarot, Pfl. Reg. Nr. AUT: 2779/0

  • shipping unit: canister of 5 kg, 2.5 kg or 1 kg
  • 1 kg bucket available without certificate of competence
  • active substance: quartz sand
  • makes browsing unpleasant – angular structure of quartz grains provides for optimum browsing protection
  • formulation: paintable paste in handy bucket
  • ready-to-use, no stiring!
  • bio-compatible
  • very well tolerated by plants, excellent sprouting of shoots!
  • colour: pink – does not disturb landscape

Application and quantity needed:
Against winter browsing on deciduous and coniferous woods by roe deer, red deer and chamois: can be applied undiluted; application from autumn to winter, apply to terminal shoot of dry plant, do not use under frost conditions. Quantity needed: from 2 kg/1.000 plants – depending on plant size and needle mass

Instructions for use:
WAM® EXTRA pink is ready-to-use, no time consuming mixing or waiting. Apply WAM® EXTRA pink evenly on endangered plant parts of deciduous woods or the terminal shoot of coniferous woods, fully, evenly and thinly covering the respective parts. Do not paint terminal bud excessively! To prevent browsing by roe deer paint 10 cm of the terminal shoots, to prevent browsing by red deer paint the entire terminal shoot (red deer may feed on the lower part of the terminal shoot if that part is not covered by the repellent). Apply from bottom up. Apply with gloves, brush, double brush or Repellent Roller Tongs. Drying of paint (= highly adhesive = excellent protection) is essential.

WAM® EXTRA is a deer repellent. Its careful and thorough application is necessary
for satisfactory protection. To achieve permanent protection, WAM® EXTRA pink has to dry.
For that reason, do not apply on wet and frozen plants or when it rains, when it is foggy or
under frost conditions.

Plant compatibility:
WAM® EXTRA pink can be applied on all tree types. The dry and weather-proof paint remains porous and permeable by air so that buds can swell and sprout unhindered and without delay.

Waiting time:
Deciduous and coniferous woods: insignificant

Practical tip against winter browsing:
Mix WAM® LIQUID and WAM® EXTRA at a ratio of 1:1 and apply mixture to your cultures using Repellent Roller Tongs! Practice has proved that this comfortable tool makes work considerably
faster, almost effortless and allows a targeted application of the repellent without undesired losses through blots and drops!
Edith Liechtenstein, Forstbetrieb Wernig

Use pesticides carefully. Before use read the label and product information.
This description is designed to give you an overview on various products. Always read the label and product information before using any product. Please comply with the instructions they contain.

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